Fundacja Antares

Antares Foundation – Poland

The Antares Foundation is a young organisation established by students of astronomy. The foundation focuses on an education, especially in astronomy and astrophysics, but we are open for other kinds of activity. The main aim of the organisation’s activity is the popularization of science. We would like to show to young people that science is not only boring and not understandable equations. Our goal is to arouse the curiosity of the universe by planet- and stargazing, popular scientific lectures and colourful stories about the recently discovered worlds. The Antares Foundation organised some sky observations for youngsters and adults. Our members made workshops connecting with astronomy, programming, natural science. We co-operate with local schools, universities and Third Age Universities (adult education). Apart from observations and lectures our work is based on non-formal education methods. The foundation has an experience in the Erasmus+ projects as a partner and the leading side as well.

Learnmera Oy

Learnmera – Finland

Learnmera Oy is a private language education and translation provider in the greater Helsinki area , which provides business language lessons,translations and proofreading services. Courses are offered in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners’ course sin English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource creation,website creation and app content building as well as online vocational courses. Their free published language learning and cultural material online has had hundreds of thousands of downloads to this day. Learnmera Oy have been active within different European projects since 2008. In addition to the above-mentioned services, Learnmera also provides IT services specially directed towards corporate clients and institutions that want to improve their customer interfaces and social media presence. A list of projects Learnmera has previously worked on can be found on the website. Learnmera and the tools for teacher site The Language Menu


Associação Economia Solidária e Sustentável – Portugal

AESS is a non-governmental organization, created in June 2013, which mission is to train, to educate and to raise awareness for financial education to all population, regardeless of satatus, age or gender, with special focus in population at risk of exclusion, population with special educational needs, disability and immigrants .Thus, we develop programs, projects and workshops for that public, in areas of financial education, entrepreneurship, employment and self-employment. We also focus our activities in various topics in the area of Personal Development and Well-Being using different tools and approaches as: e-learning (platforms), coaching and mentoring. We are committed to expand our actions by participating in international mobility and partnership actions as well as in developing Social Entrepreneurship projects.



“EKPAIDEFTIRIA KALOSKAMI S.A.” is a private educational organization licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education established in 1960 providing for more than 5 decades formal secondary education to adult students. Nowadays the organization operates under the brand name AXIA, as a VET provider (IVET and CVET) and as an Adult education provider, integrating the following institutional activities: a Vocational Training Institute, a Lifelong Learning Centre and a Training Support Centre. The main objective of the organization is to contribute to the personal and professional development of employed, unemployed and socially vulnerable groups in terms of qualification and specialization through the implementation of a wide range of training programs. Our expertise lies in designing and conducting innovative training programs in areas of identified market needs such as ICT, Security Studies, Hygiene and Safety of food products, Marketing, Pedagogies, UAV (drone) studies, Performing Arts, Psychology etc. We also carry significant experience in creating methodologies in Adult learning and developing pedagogic tools based on non-formal educational approaches. In the field of Adult education we have developed EU projects in areas such as entrepreneurship, Art therapy methods as a means to foster soft skills, autonomous learning, sharing the European culture, student centered learning methods, preservation of traditional jobs in Europe etc.

Effendi Villa

Social Impact Hub “Effendi Villa” – Georgia

Effendi Villa NGO is a Georgian non-profit, non-religious, non-governmental organization which was founded in 2017 in a town of Kobuleti at the Black Seaside to foster social cohesion and integration of culturally diverse communities through educational, cultural and art projects.
In fact, the organization started work in 2014 as a community-based initiative led by a group of young people willing to create a community centre, a platform for communication, exchanges and co-creation, in a cultural heritage site of Effendi Villa. Since then Effendi Villa has come to new life as a meeting spot in the rural regeneration project called Social Impact Hub “Effendi Villa”. The community around the historic house has chosen to reuse the neglected building as their rural regeneration hub. The hub is meant as a meeting place for key actors, stakeholders and inhabitants to meet. The building provides a sustainable new function which now benefits the local communities, as they are now functioning living labs where development strategies are produced in cooperation between various actors.
Effendi Villa implements projects at the local, regional, national and international levels in cooperation with other non-governmental and civil society organisations, educational institutions and public authorities.
Our mission is to empower people to recognize the significance of historic and natural resources, to preserve them for future generations, and to integrate them into everyday life through redevelopment, lifelong learning, and community conversations.


ElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts – Egypt

Founded in 2000 – Egypt. ElMadina Arts since then Support dissemination of innovative experiences in Arts and culture fields, including the support of digital transformation in the mentioned fields.
ElMadina Arts designs high-quality projects and programs in production, training and business models, as well as research, resources and tools.
ElMadina seeks to empower women, youth, artists and professional actors to develop in the artistic and cultural sectors, especially those linked to social and public space issues.
ElMadina operates in a spirit of cooperation, communication and networking, extending to Africa, the Mediterranean region and America.
ElMadina is interested in engaging communities, especially the disadvantaged areas, to contribute to a vibrant system of pluralism, diversity and freedom of expression.