Forth training in Athens, Greece 26-28.9.2022

The topic of the last training in the project was ‘Releasing forces of creative artistic expression through dance’. It included the elements of Eurhythmics–Choreography which is a holistic training approach by involving body, intellect, and emotions with the aim to gain physical awareness and experience of the relationship between music and dance. The other part used dance-fusion by producing a hybrid dance piece through the experimentation in different dance styles with the aim to promote kinetic vocabulary. The local culture was presented during the workshop on Greek Folk stories in Choreography when we learnt about history, preservation and symbolism.

Third training in Kobuleti, Georgia 17-21.7.2022

Cultural heritage sites and their preservation was the topic of the third training led by the Effendi Villa organisation. Case studies of cultural heritage promotion were presented during the training. Our participants learnt about architectural photography and had an opportunity to use this knowledge by photographing historic buildings in Kobuleti and the neighbourhood. ‘On hands’ sessions included also of a workshop on conservation of old wooden items.

Second training in Alexandria, Egypt 11-13.12.2021

The topic of the training was the ‘Digital Transformation of the Performing Arts’. Digital transformation in all fields is a priority for any field of work worldwide. But that is difficult in the case of performers. Where they depend on the live performance of the audience. This is why this international art residency comes from the Tkiyeh Program as an attempt to think about ways of digital transformation for performers. We will do multiple thinking at the level of storytelling – comedy – dance – physical theater. The residency focused on developing ideas and learning technical skills.

First training Cracow 24-26.10.2021

The first Short-Term Joined Staff Training Event took place in Cracow, Poland. The topic of the training covers astronomy and photography. We learned how to combine science with art. Astronomy is a branch of natural science that use light form stars and other astronomical objects. Most of the radiation is invisible for human eyes. So astronomical pictures need to be coloured to reveal the full beauty of the Universe. During the training we learned how people perceive colours and how they are register by the astronomical equipment. The main outcome was to prepare an own piece of art – an astrophoto.