The ‘Use your time creatively!’ project is based purely on the exchange of good practices, a cultural initiative with an educational dimension. Participating organisations developed an innovative learning method for adult learners that will be transferred to the rest of partners. The project aims to extend the competences of educators in the field of new methodologies for adult learners, as well as preparing innovative set of educational materials dedicated to a group of young parents. The participating organisations will gain a wider, more attractive educational offer that will be better suited to the needs and interests of the target group. More attractive workshops and trained staff support adult learners in motivating them to develop.

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The participating organisations will host one Short-Term Joined Staff Training Event in order to transfer knowledge of the method developed for adult learners.

Antares Foundation

focuses on the astrophotography that links art with science.


has developed innovative art training methods to strengthen creative artistic expression and build channels of communication within a group

NGO “Effendi Villa”

practices the methods developing social skills in the context of exploring own roots and cultural heritage.


prepares a workshop about application of audio-visual arts to narrate an own story based on a professionally written script.

Learnmera Oy

is responsible for the project promotion and social media,

Associação Economia Solidária e Sustentável

takes care about the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Each organisation specialises in different field which ensures a wide exchange of good practices. There are NGOs and educational centres among the partners. Both kinds of institutions are different in regard of work organisation which will further enhance the exchange of good practices as well.

The new methods will be transferred to the partners’ local environment after each Short-Term Joined Staff Training Event by contact with the target group – young parents. We will create a workshop scenario which will be translated to the national languages of the participating organisations. The set of educational materials will be published in the Internet. We will provide a free access to the materials as an Open Educational Resources which will extend the exchange of good practices at the national and international level. We hope that the project will strengthen competences of educators and introduce new, innovative solutions for adult learners in a long-term perspective.